Senior Living Options in Northshore Boston | The Residence at Riverbend

Discussing Senior Living with Loved Ones

Making the decision to enter a senior residence is a big one, and we encourage all prospective residents to sit down with friends and family to talk things through. For many, living alone can become an overwhelming, frightening and sometimes-isolating experience. We recommend taking a look at the pros and cons of everyday life at home, as compared to life in the Riverbend community.

Living at HomeLiving in Our Community
Shop for food, prepare every meal and clean up.nDine in a fine restaurant setting as often as you like.
Manage all aspects of daily living.In-house cleaning service for your apartment.
Maintain the house and take care of the yard.Beautifully-maintained building.
Spend time alone between friend and family visits.Live in your own private home, yet surrounded nby friends of common age and interests.
Rely on friends and family to come to you in an emergency.In-house staff to help you with just as much as you need, whether itu2019s getting up and about, remembering medications, or other activities of daily living. Trained staff just moments away to ensure your safety, 24/7.
Make sure to stay active.A variety of daily programs make it easy and fun to stay active and sharp.

Senior with family member smiling.

“I never thought I would be having so much fun at my age and eating so much good food.”

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